How to date a trans when you are a trans?

If you are transgender and reading this article, you must be inspired by this article that transgenders also can date with transgenders. There are a few negative reports over the past year about TERF, and gay trans saying out why they don’t like to date a trans people. In fact, not all trans people are looking for cis people for dating. Compared with cis people, trans people are more like to accept a date from another trans. Although date a trans is relatively easier than dating a cis people, there are a lot of problems can be similar with trans dating another trans. Here are some ideas about transgender dating another trans.

1.Don’t think of you know everything about trans life.

Different transgenders has different level of anxiety, different experience, and different life. Some of the trans people have been fortunate to understand by their family and friends, while some have not. The difference have lead to different trans people have different ideas. For example, one trans people may wish to be frank to other, but the other one may still carry the weight of shame attached to being transgender and don’t want to talk about it. Besides, anxiety is different for all of the trans, some have extreme genital dysphoria and some not.

2. Don’t lead to blending competition

Competition exists not only between nations, but also between cultures. Trans society is no different. Western culture places so much emphasis on the standards of beauty that half the world wants to be superman. For all the transgenders, they want to fight this culture, and they also want to be invisible among the cis masses. This kind of psychology is not experienced by the cis. Don’t match your standards with your trans partner or be the person who is against him or her into the community due to unsocial. Don’t impose your standards on them, you need to respect their choice to live their life.

3. Respect each other

Respect your trans partner just like you respect others comprising their preferred pronouns and how they view their body. Dating trans when trans may be more easy and relaxing but it still needs respect for her or his choice instead of assuming the choice is the same to you. Remember trans people need to be respectable by others, and all trans people deserve it. In the community of transgenders, every person in equal. No matter what happened to you before, you were part of the transgenders.

Because of cultural differences, trans people are not universally recognized by all the people. So it takes courage to be a transgender. We can’t change our birth, but we can change our future. Transgenders are such a group of people who are used to face their true inner thoughts. As a transgender, please do the above points when you are dating a trans. Then you will have a happy life with your trans partner.