Several Packing Tips For FTM Transgender Guys

As a transgender guy, your feelings are just as important as your appearance. So, not only do you want to be masculine but you want to feel comfortable. When it comes to the feelings of FTM transgender men as a man, often they ask questions. Given that they have neither the looks of men nor the feelings of men, true masculinity may pose some challenges for them. Fortunately, these can be done through packaging. As a matter of fact, the packaging is very important for people who haven’t had sex reassignment surgery. Especially if you want to have a tranny  date, the packaging is essential.

For those unfamiliar with packaging, the art of packaging is to create a masculine look and feel in the male crotch. For FTM transgender men, packaging is essential to being a transgender guy because it gives them a bump like a cis man. When it comes to packaging and transgender dating, you should have an understanding of the basic terminology of packaging. Packaging equipment includes packer, packy and STP packer. The STP packer is so useful that it allows you to pee standing up like a man. It’s worth noting that not all transgender men have this habit. Some transgender men say the packaging is too hot or too tight, which makes them feel uncomfortable. If you feel that the packaging makes you uncomfortable, then you don’t have to do it. In addition,, some people don’t pack at all because they don’t feel the need.

Occasions when packing is required

Packing is especially advantageous on some occasions. Even if you don’t like the packaging, wrapping it properly on these occasions can help you project a strong male image. In many cases, you may need to wear a packaging device including when your crotch is exposed, such as swimming. Plus, if you’re a bold type who likes to wear leggings, it’s easy to pack because it will help you create a masculine bump.

Hard packing and soft packing

As a FTM transsexual, it’s important to know some of the terminology associated with hard packing. Specifically, you have to know how to distinguish between hard and soft packaging. Hard packaging can be defined as wearing a false penis or other device that keeps the crotch upright. Hard packaging is usually for sexual pleasure. It’s best to leave the hard stuff in the bedroom. Soft packaging, on the other hand, refers to the illusion of wearing a packaging device to create a flabby penis.

All in all, if you’re packing for the first time, it’s best to do some research on existing products and styles so you can make a convincing look with your packaging equipment. The online survey will give you a number of examples to mimic and teach men how the scrotum is under their underwear.