6 Red Flags of Your Online Trans Dating Profile

1. Sensitive information or photos

Any pornographic contents contained in your account, including the profile portrait, photos or the data content, this is the number one red flag. Trans dating is for open minded people, but it doesn't mean you can post any sensitive information or photos in your profile. No matter what are you dating for, you should make sure the information of your profile is healthy and acceptable. Sensitive information or photos can never attract other people's attention, they are more likely to delete you from their lists. Other people may start to doubt your dating intention and whether you are crazy when you post any sensitive information or photos. More importantly, your account may be suspended by the owner of the transgender dating app.

2. Overconfident about yourself

People like to show their achievements in their profiles, it is a great way to attract other people. But overconfidence is useless. "I'm good looking", "I'm young at heart" statements like these are examples of overconfidence. If you want to show your advantages to other people, you can express in a modest way. You need to pay attention to the difference between confidence and overconfidence. As I've mentioned in many articles, be confident when date a trans person, however, overconfidence is a red flag of your dating.

3. With other people in your photo

Photos with other people in cannot be used as your head image, be alone in your photo. I found that many people on transgender dating app use the photo with other people in as their head image, how do other people know who are you? Use a clear photo, be alone in your photo, crop it to your face these are the photo rules of your profile.

4. Boring statement

The statement in your profile should be attractive, boring and out of style statement can never catch other people's eyes. If you want to attract more people, try to introduce yourself in a new way. You can introduce some special habits in your profile, because common habit is always the best topic to talk about. As I've mentioned before, your statement should not include ant sensitive words and information.

5. Dress dirty clothes in your photo

Photo is very important for online dating, and it is your first impression on other people. Make sure you look pretty in your photo. I found some people post some photos in which they are wearing dirty clothes, a gentleman will never dress that way. Your dress in the photo is as important as your dress in your first dating.

6. Make a list of your requirements

Some people like to make a list of their requirements in their profile, I cannot understanding why they like to do like this. You may miss many opportunities to meet the right partner in this way. Dating is not an exchange, it's a way to know more about someone and have build a long-term relationship. Never ask for too much from other people, lower your standard, then you can easily find a dating partner.