Dating tips – Transsexual dating and Transsexual Women

Dating a transsexual woman is an art and obviously it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be very sure about your decisions and never afraid about any unfavorable circumstances that you might face while dating a transsexual women. Most guys thinks that transgender dating is quite very simple and they start believing that transsexual women are easy to pick and they can enjoy a tranny date as per their own rules but that’s completely wrong. Transsexual women aren’t easy to pick and needs lot of efforts to go out for a transsexual date with them. Transsexual date isn’t as similar to regular date but still transsexual women want you to treat them as other cis women while dating with her.

Here are few tips and tricks for a transsexual dating. If you are dating a transgender woman for first time, definitely it’s not an easy and also it’s obvious that you might feel a bit of nervousness and low in confidence. Follow these tips and make your first transsexual date a big success. Here are the tips.

Don’t share or ask your past relationship on your first date – If you don’t want to get embarrassed on your first date and whishes that your date with a transsexual woman will go for long and have an amazing long term relationship with her than it’s better to not share any of your past dating experience in your first date and never ask the same from your transsexual dating friend.

Never praise any other women in front of your transsexual dating partner – you are on your first date and you are praising other women in front of your dating partner won’t work good for you and you need to be bit alert while talking about other women especially cis women in front of your transsexual dating friend.

Transsexual women knows the fact that they are not as good and sensitive like cis women but still they want you to give them a same treatment as you are giving to cis women. But the comparison between transsexual women and cis women isn’t quite good and this topic may leads to an argument that is obviously not good for on your first date. You might win the argument but definitely lose your transsexual date. So, it’s quite better not to compare your transsexual dating partner to any of your cis woman friend.

Never take your transsexual date as granted and ask for sexual favor on your first date – if you seriously want to go for long with your transsexual friend, than you must not ask any sexual favor on your first date. You have to be bit decent and gentle on your first transsexual date. Don’t think if you are dating a transsexual woman that means you are open for anything and she won’t resist you. Never taken your transsexual women as granted especially when it comes about sex and sexual relationship.
Give time to your relationship if you really want to enjoy a shemale dating.